While Robin is away checking on leads about Slade, the rest of the Titans deal with a new villain, Red X, who takes them down with ease. Red X tries forming a partnership with Slade, but is tasked with retrieving two other computer chips. Starfire discovers that Robin has not been true about his work. After Red X gathers the final computer chips, Slade appears, revealing he knew that Robin was Red X the whole time, and grabs the chips. The Titans arrive at the scene and stop Red X while Slade escapes. Robin reveals himself and chases after Slade, who taunts Robin about their similarities and his obsession over him. The two engage in combat, which ends with Robin overpowering Slade, who is revealed to be a robot. Starfire later approaches Robin about the past events, telling him that Slade and he share one thing in common – their distrust of others.