During a battle with Dr. Light, Raven loses control of her powers, which makes the Titans worried. Later, Beast Boy and Cyborg goes to Raven’s room to apologize, but knock her door down, and Beast Boy discovers a strange-looking mirror, which sucks him and Cyborg into alternate realm where they meet various Emoticlones, the different emotions and personality traits of Raven. Unbeknownst to them, they’ve stumbled upon a portal into Raven’s mind, which causes an adverse effect on Raven. Raven enters the realm and finds Beast Boy and Cyborg, just as her anger appears in the form of her father, Trigon. Raven fuses with her other Emoticlones to take down her father. The ordeal brings Raven closer with Beast Boy and Cyborg, who stay besides her as she fought her anger.