Farewell, Spider-Man

65 13 “Chapter II: Farewell, Spider-Man” Bob Richardson John Semper January 31, 1998
The Spider-Men stop Spider-Carnage in his home dimension, but he escapes to another dimension, the one where Spider-Man is a billionaire. With limited power, Madame Web sends the main Spider-Man to this dimension, where he finds out his alternate counterpart is engaged to Gwen Stacy and finds Mary Jane alive. Peter then finds this reality’s uncle Ben, who is still alive and manages to bring the real Peter’s personality out of Spider-Carnage. However, the symbiote is too strong and Spider-Carnage jumps into an unstable portal that destroys him. When all the Spider-Men are being returned home, the powerless one explains that in his world, he is an actor that portrays Spider-Man and that he is a fictional character. Spider-Man travels to that world, where he meets his creator, Stan Lee, and takes him web-swinging as thanks for creating him. Madame Web then takes Spider-Man to find Mary Jane as a reward for saving reality.