Everybody Talks About the Weather

In search of Max’s whereabouts, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin receive a Plumber’s badge signal and enter the town of Grover’s Mill, where local authorities are in pursuit of a Pyronite (the species of Ben’s alien Heatblast) who is allegedly burning crop circles with his powers. Ben subdues the Pyronite, who reveals himself as Alan Albright, a half-human; his father was a Pyronite Plumber who gave him his badge to protect him from being arrested for interstellar trespassing. Ben helps Alan escape from the police, and they investigate the crop circles, which Gwen deduces are actually circuit boards spread across the whole valley. They discover that they were created by the aliens they previously fought (known as DNAliens), which activate the circuit boards and cause a huge machine to rise and alter the weather to lower temperatures. Ben and Alan destroy the weather machine, and the sheriff, realizing that Alan was not to blame for the attacks, recruits him to help search for more aliens in the region.