Time Heals

Gwen attempts to use a spell to travel back in time to prevent the accident in “Vengeance of Vilgax,” thus preventing Kevin’s permanent mutation. Before she departs, she is warned by Paradox of the consequences of altering history, but ignores him. Gwen is able to convince her past self to prevent Kevin from hacking the Omnitrix, but upon returning to the present, she discovers that Bellwood has been taken over by Hex and Charmcaster. Gwen encounters Paradox, who explains that by removing Kevin’s mutation and thus his new abilities, she prevented him from being able to defeat Hex. Consequently, Charmcaster killed Gwen, captured Ben, and enslaved Kevin, and Hex took over the city. Gwen reaches Hex’s citadel and frees Ben, who buys her enough time to cast a spell to return to the past, where she prevents herself from stopping the experiment. She returns to a repaired present and greets Ben and Kevin; they encounter Paradox again, who tells them that “Everything is fine.”