Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice!

While visiting Funso’s, Scrooge becomes addicted to arcade games while Dewey and Launchpad play a VR spy game. Meanwhile, F.O.W.L. Director Bradford Buzzard orders agents Heron and Steelbeak to remove Scrooge before he discovers Funso’s is their base. Much to Heron’s chagrin though, Steelbeak captures Dewey and Launchpad, who still think they are in the game; increasing the likelihood of F.O.W.L.’s discovery. Heron plans to use an “Intelli-Ray” to make Scrooge dumb, but Steelbeak hijacks the operation after she insults him and inadvertently increases Launchpad’s intelligence before abducting Dewey. Steelbeak tries to use the Intelli-Ray on all of Duckburg, but Launchpad is able to stop him with help from F.O.W.L.’s former lab rats; though at the cost of his intelligence. Afterward, Launchpad’s stupidity prevents him from warning Scrooge about F.O.W.L. while Bradford reprimands Heron and Steelbeak for nearly compromising their plans.