Affair Weather Friends

A rich kid named Barry Bling comes to Foster’s, and Mac and Bloo introduce him to all of the friends. After seeing all of the friends, Duchess chimes in and says that she wants Barry to adopt her. Barry instead wishes to adopt Bloo, but Mac tells him that Bloo is not up for adoption, but Bloo wants to be adopted, which makes Mac sad, and makes Duchess angry and jealous. Bloo then decides he does not want to be adopted and want to stay at Foster’s so Mac can visit him every day, but Bloo subsequently begins to sneak over to Barry’s house and play with his expensive toys just so he can get to his automatic paddle ball. Mac becomes hurt and furious after Duchess tells him what Bloo has been doing, so he goes to Barry’s house to pick up Bloo, but then he soon finds out the shocking truth about Barry.