As Ashi searches for Jack, she comes across many grateful people that Jack had helped in the past. She also meets defeated enemies who now respect Jack at a bar tended by Da’ Samurai, a former samurai wannabe humbled by Jack. Along her search, she sheds her suit of black ash and forges a floral outfit. A mysterious cloaked woman helps Ashi find Jack in a graveyard surrounded by the spirits of great warriors. The horseman haunting Jack, the Omen, announces that Jack must face the consequences of his failure or be dishonored. Jack prepares to commit seppuku, while the Omen attacks Ashi to keep her from interfering. She pleads to Jack not to lose hope and tells him of all the lives he saved, including her own. Upon learning the children from the previous episode are still alive, Jack regains some confidence and destroys the specter, then tells Ashi their next move is to find his sword. Meanwhile, Scaramouche, whom Jack reduced to a talking head, sets out to inform Aku that Jack lost his sword. He sneaks onto a boat but is thrown overboard by anthropomorphic dog passengers for insulting them.