Jack awakens and finds one of the Daughters of Aku lying bloodied in the snow. He is attacked by the Daughter, Ashi, but he quickly subdues her and binds her with the chain from her own chain-sickle. They are both suddenly swallowed by an enormous creature. As they fall, Ashi again attacks Jack, but he saves her from the deadly fall into the creature. Jack hallucinates an argument with himself over saving Ashi or leaving her to die. He protects her from various monsters and carries her with him despite her barrage of threats and ongoing attempts to kill him. With help from flying beings, they make it out of the creature and into a body of water, where Jack saves Ashi from drowning and carries her to a small island. She prepares to attack him again, but relents and drops her sickle upon seeing, in contrast to the High Priestess, who had crushed a ladybug for not being “a part of Aku’s order”, Jack gently release a ladybug that landed on his hand.