Vengeance of Vilgax

Vilgax, an alien warlord and Ben’s arch-nemesis from the original series, arrives on Earth demanding that Ben face him in a Conqueror’s Challenge, in which they will battle one-on-one to determine the fate of the Earth. Vilgax has already conquered ten planets via this method, using a device to absorb the powers of those worlds’ greatest warriors in the process. Ben, having grown arrogant due to his newfound galactic fame following his defeat of the Highbreed, is unconcerned by Vilgax’s threat, despite Vilgax defeating both Max and the Plumbers’ Helpers. Kevin decides to hack the Omnitrix in an attempt to activate the Master Control to make Ben powerful enough to defeat Vilgax, but Azmuth contacts them and warns them against it. Despite Azmuth’s warning, Ben reactivates Kevin’s machine, resulting in an explosion which destroys Kevin’s garage.