Things Change

The Titans return from their adventures to find that the city has changed. Upon their return they are faced with fighting a creature who can copy their every move and can shapeshift and is not hurt by anything. While exploring the city, Beast Boy spots a girl that looks like Terra and tries to jog her memory. The girl refuses to hang out with Beast Boy, but after he persists, she agrees to talk to him. Beast Boy tries to tell her that she’s Terra and jog her memory, but she persists that she isn’t someone who was a hero. Beast Boy later finds her stone body gone from the caves and he gets into a fight with a robotic version of Slade, who has returned, where he and Terra had their first date who insists that Terra does not want to remember him. Beast Boy makes another attempt to talk to Terra and jog her memory. She tells him that she isn’t the hero he thinks she is, that things aren’t how he remembers them, and that she can’t be friends with him again. Terra essentially confirms her identity, but departs before Beast Boy can make any progress. He is then called to help the other Titans defeat the undefeatable monster as he runs towards a bright white light.