The Muh-Muh-Muh-Murder

After Bugs leaves Daffy and Porky at Pizzaribba to do an urgent issue, Daffy must stay at Porky’s house, due to Daffy not having the keys to Bugs’s house. Porky is reluctant on letting Daffy go with him to his house, as he is making birthday surprises for Daffy’s birthday, which is to be taken place within a week. After Daffy sees a news report about the Suburban Strangler at Porky’s place, he believes the description matches Porky, causing Daffy to think that Porky is the criminal, leading to subsequent events in which Daffy seemingly finds Porky acting and doing things in an immoral way. Meanwhile, Lola stays at Bugs’s house for six weeks after she breaks her leg during a check-up with Dr. Weisberg, forcing him to deal with Lola’s antics. In the end, Daffy learns that Porky’s actions were based on his efforts to prevent Daffy from knowing his birthday surprises, and was not the criminal being identified on the news.