The Gauntlet

After the team faces off against a Techadon robot, Kevin grabs the severed hand of the robot and places it in his trunk. At night, Ben’s childhood bullies J.T. and Cash Murray see Kevin’s car outside a restaurant, and decide to wreck it. They push it down a hill, smashing the trunk open. They look inside and grab the Techadon gauntlet before the car’s alarm attracts Kevin. Back at their hangout, Cash puts the gauntlet on, planning on using its built-in laser blaster to destroy Ben once and for all and repair their reputation but the full robot armor begins to reform around Cash’s body. In doing so, the arm messes with Cash’s mind, making him more hostile than usual. Ben fights Cash, and J.T. attempts to reason with him. After remembering his friendship with J.T., Cash’s willpower overrides the robot arm, and it gradually reduces in size to the point where Cash can take it off. J.T. and Cash walk away with a newfound respect for Ben.