The Four Seasons of Death

Four short stories are presented in the following order:
Summer: Jack encounters a group of apparitions in a desert but cannot attack them. Realizing they are simply illusions, he continues onwards unafraid and finds an oasis, thinking it is another illusion until he happily falls into it.
Fall: An excitable evil scientist concocts a potion and pours it into a well, hoping to trick passersby into drinking it. Jack overhears the scientist’s laughter and feigns drinking the water and dying of poison, then spits water stored in his mouth into the scientist’s mouth, reducing him to autumn leaves, before destroying the well.
Winter: In the depths of a snowy mountain, an ogre-like tribe forges a powerful elemental sword for which warriors compete in a gladiator-style battle. The winner claims the sword and sets out to fight Jack, who easily cuts the blade in half.
Spring: Jack enters a forest of thorny vines that magically turns into a springtime wonderland, where a spirit woman encourages him to stay and rest. Unable to take his mind off Aku, Jack breaks free from the spirit’s attempts to restrain him with vines and dispels the spring illusion as he tries to attack her.