Club SpongeBob

Club SpongeBob: SpongeBob and Patrick build a small clubhouse in a tree and get inside. When Squidward happens by they tell him he can’t join the club because he wouldn’t fit in. Pissed, Squidward insists on joining the club. He climbs the tree and gets inside. The three of them are squeezed inside a tiny space-SpongeBob and Patrick literally meant that Squidward wouldn’t fit in. SpongeBob and Patrick then invite Squidward to join the club, but now he refuses. While trying to escape, they accidentally launch themselves out into the woods. They are lost. SpongeBob and Patrick consult their magic ball for directions while Squidward tries to make it home on his own. Squidward marches in circles while SpongeBob and Patrick wait leisurely for the magic ball’s instructions. In the end, Squidward is driven crazy and joins their club just to get out of the woods alive.