During a visit to a Navajo village in New Mexico, owned by Max’s old Plumber partner Wes Green, Ben falls in love with Wes’ granddaughter Kai, while a wolf-like creature appears in a flash of purple lightning. Wes believes it to be a Yenaldooshi, or Navajo werewolf. It stole and ripped the receiver. Wildvine fights the creature, but it bites Wildvine’s root just before Ben returns to normal. It nearly kills Ben, but he is spared when the wolf accidentally scratches the Omnitrix rather than Ben himself. Afterwards, Ben begins transforming into a werewolf himself, presumably an effect of the bite. However, the group discover that the werewolf is an alien. By scratching the Omnitrix, it added its own DNA to the Omnitrix, which was gradually shifting Ben into Blitzwolfer.